Worship Location

Heritage College & Seminary
175 Holiday Inn Drive
Cambridge, Ontario

Service Times

9:00AM and 11:15AM

Office Location

106-181 Groh Avenue
Cambridge, Ontario
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Four Pillars

Our church is founded on Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 3:11) and supported by 4 pillars that are derived from Biblical truths. These pillars will help you understand what we are committed to as well as explain what we choose to emphasize throughout our church.
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Worship, Walk, Work

Mature disciples worship Christ, walk with Christ, and work for Christ. A person committed to a relationship with Christ focuses on personally walking with Him, worshiping Him, and working for Him.
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Upcoming Events

SunSundayOctOctober26th2014 Harvest Essentials 10/26/2014 Join us for this beneficial class that outlines how we worship, walk and work in the Harvest context. As we do this, we will study together our doctrine and discipleship model. After Party with the... More
TueTuesdayOctOctober28th2014 Lord, Heal My Hurts 10/28/2014 Everyone hurts. The pain runs deep, the scars never seem to fade, the memories torment us. As a result, our growth is stunted, our walk crippled, our relationships infected. Will relief never come?... More
ThuThursdayOctOctober30th2014 Harvest Youth Night 10/30/2014 Harvest Youth is a group of students from grades 6-12 that meet regularly with the purpose of growing in our relationship with Jesus Christ. We are fired up about Jesus last words while He was on... More
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Latest Sermon
ThuThursdayOctOctober23rd2014 Genesis 19:30-38 (Sodom Never Died)
byJacob Reaume Tagged No tags 0 comments Add comment
In the message Pastor Jacob made mention to Jesus' bloodline. He pointed out that Jesus was a descendant of both David and Solomon thus having both Moabite and Ammonite blood in his veins. He used the genealogy of Matthew 1 as support. For further... More Audio 02 Genesis 19_30-38 _Sodom Never Die.mp3
Worship Location: Heritage College & Seminary, 175 Holiday Inn Drive, Cambridge, ON
Church Office:
106-181 Groh Ave, Cambridge, ON
Phone: 519-658-6333
Email: info@harvestwaterlooregion.ca

Church Office:
106-181 Groh Ave, Cambridge, ON, N3C 1Y8
Phone: 519-658-6333
Email: info@harvestwaterlooregion.ca